The P-S ESSENTIAL LIST- Pre Cinema History

Pre Cinema History will certainly be a new addition to the PARALLAX-SHIFT Essential List, so of course it warranted a post about it here on theBLOG to notify all P-S readers and subscribing members of its awesomeness.

Pre Cinema History is written and maintained by Paul Burns, who is a prolific poster on twitter under the same related handle @realprecinema   

I’ve only just begun reading up on his website content. His posts on twitter apparently suppliment the entries on his site and I believe are actually excerpts from a related publication (more on that when I have linkage to it). The posts made from his account are mst assuredly my most retweeted Twitter account posts of all time.


…and definitely visit his website linked above.

His Twitter posts are extremely comprehensive and dripping with rich, well researched & detailed accounts about the entirety of subject matters and topics pertaining to pre-cinema history… magic lanterns, camera obscura rooms, autochromes, stereoscopic cameras & viewing apparatus, phénakisticopes, zoetropes… Literally everything and anything relating to the dawn of photographic imaging of the photographic, stereoscopic or cinematic variety, is covered in this extensive tome of knowledge.

Thank you Paul Burns 👏👏👏👏👏 we solute you and your efforts