Tools of the TRADDDE- Lomography stick on corners

Finally! First of all I guess I figured out a relatively not that funny pun on the spelling of a word I could shove three “D”‘s into. Whoo hoo. (If I think of something funnier/cooler, will retitle this, lol, but for the meantime)…

HERE IS TOOLS OF THE TRADE- A NEW BLOG CATEGORY RELATED TO: Products, tools, techniques, accessories- it will be a smorgasbord of stuff and a shmearing of skills that make life as a stereographer a little more simplified.

Today we are looking at a print mounting/album keeping supply for oddly sized, non adhesive images- namely, the “Adhesive Photo Corners” by Lomography.

Why? Because tonight marks the closing of the POLACON NYC 2023 event and of course my apartment now has slightly more polaroids taking up real estate on the table then I’m used to, so I decided to organized them into an album before they get out of hand. I decided to mount them in albums instead of just storing them in a box.

Album making is a nice, curated way of sorting and storing images that allows for casual perusals.

Polaroids of sentimental value on display as singular images of importance. These are on display for me to look at all the time in a little bookshelf nook adjacent from my kitchen. On display is one of the most recent polaroids taken of Sam & I at the POLACON kick off event and an old square format pull apart full print of my mom & I over 40 years ago 🙂

Dependant on the your media is and your relationship with it, if you only need to store images for posterity you might pile or stack them in a box or file them away according to your personal filing system.

Images that hold a a particularly special value of some kind you might want to display as individual, independent images of importance to you… and somewhere in between lies the passtime of creating an ALBUM. An album allows for both the storage and display of images you might want to share with others or simply peruse through yourself at any given moment.

Displaying stereo images in an album can be quite challenging as the entire image needs to be viewable. I previously had my images mounted into paper corners in an album. Since the paper corners covered up the images, they needed to be removed every time for viewing and then put back in. These transparent corners allow for immediate freeviewing or magnified viewing without the need to remove the images at all.

Sam actually got a lot of great shots over the weekend, and the convenience of these self stick corners has been a godsend in my album making process. The paper corners I was using previously required me to lay out all my images at once and have to commit to a layout, glue down individual strips of paper, wait for the glue to dry, and THEN FINALLY set my images in the corners (hopefully remembering the layout I had planned for each page)

NOW, I can place my polaroids anywhere I like and make any sort of functional layout for stereo image viewing, or creative and fun type of layout for the regular 2D polaroids he snapped over the weekend. Transparent, self stick photo corners, whether they are by the Lomography brand or perhaps another manufacturer, really ARE game changers. They make the process of album making or semi permanent and optimally removable photo mounting- which would normally be a time consuming chore without them- a BREEZE.

A definite must buy for anyone making albums or needing a semi permanent mounting options that leaves your print essentially untouched… and an EXCELLENT choice for mounting stereo cards or prints into an album

Lomography Adhesive Photo Corners get the 3d approval from me 👌👌👌 (ddd) –ilicia