Exciting news! I finally set up my print studio again, it’s been over a year since I’ve printed and I’m getting right back into the swing of things…

I’m a dye sub specialty printer and can print on everything BUT paper…

I’m still setting up the printers and just have to convert my new one to dye sub ink before I actually start printing new designs again. I’ll be running an Epson R2400 and workforce 7110, both capable of printing large format prints.

The other part of the process is of course, heat transfer. I have a geo knight 1620 professional press and it weighs about 350lbs, so just lifting it into position was challenging, but Sam helped me get that done yesterday, I plugged it in and printed all night without it blowing out the circuit breakers, so we are good to go!

I made a bunch of prints on a variety of different substrates last night just to make sure all my temp settings were still accurate and fresh in my mind 👌👌👌

Pretty soon I’ll be dropping a limited edition run of products from my old 3D Lifestyle Line- all proceeds will go to paying rent 😂😂😂 as well as paying for the WordPress subscription right here for and supporting our many community outreach, cultural heritage, stereo-education and stereoscopic history preservation efforts.

Here’s a video of the assortment I successfully made last night, using old saved prints leftover from my 3D lifestyle Line- once they are gone they will be gone!

Pictured here is

  • a DDDECADES stereo camera print device case,
  • A Trompe L’oeil FUJI W3 case (the SLIMMIST W3 protection & can be used for phones too)
  • Some PARALLAX-SHIFT dichroic stickers
  • Luxury aluminum stereoscope collector cards featuring the photos and collection of Keita Wangari @3dcollector (NOT FOR SALE, were test print samples ONLY) (unless she wants to 👀👀)
  • Freestanding Freeviewing blocks featuring the SBS stereo photos of @binary_system
  • Even stereo camera guitar picks (either for playing or to be made into charms)

I had a pretty comprehensive assortment of 3D Lifestyle products and custom stereo formats on luxury materials, everything designed by me or collab/custom work and of course, each and every item is hand printed with love :***