The Preservation of Stereoscopic History & Culture are part of PARALLAX-SHIFT’s core mission. Our Stereo Club officers and members of course pursue their own individual interests and activities outside the club and share their personal knowledge and wisdom at our meetings, activities & events. The initiatives listed here are priorities we are involved in- in individual and group efforts- to create content and productions to be shared with the world on National 3-D Day, on our website and through articles for our Stereo Club magazine, theSHIFT. You can support our cultural preservation efforts & ongoing organizational initiatives by becoming a Worldwide Member of the PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club, purchasing products from our 3D Shop, by making a donation or volunteering for upcoming production needs in NYC.

*This page is still being updated as of 10/24/22*

PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club Prioritized Initiatives for 2022-23

Preservation of Stereoscopic Processes, Skills, History & Cultural Heritage; Club to Club peer-ship with the Depthmen at The Church of The Third Dimension

On October 23, 2022 NYC Members of the PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club embark on a trip to The Church of the Third Dimension to learn endangered skills like stereoscopic projection, survive oral histories and promote club to club peer-ship.

Preservation of Stereoscopic History & Cultural Heritage; Documenting the work of M. Henry Jones and his contributions to Stereoscopy & Integral Imaging.

Communication of Stereoscopic History & Cultural Heritage; the Chester Burger Stereo Slide Collection at NYPL & NYHS

Preservation of Language, Stereoscopic History & Cultural Heritage; Reintroducing & Reinforcing the Lexicon of Traditional Laser Holography.


The gallery below is just a sampler of PARALLAX-SHIFT flyers & outside involvements.



  • Two time host for NYSA productions, recorded as hd stereoscopic video and released as stereo and monoscopic digital media formats.
3D Minimus Arcestra with Ikuo Nakamura and Heyes Greenfield

Link to SBS Stereoscopic Video HERE

100 Years of 3D Film, Centennial Celebration at the Astor Ballroom/Marriott Marquis, Times Square, NYC. 1915-2015

*This page is still being updated as of 10/24/22*