The PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club is pleased to announce our new Worldwide Membership Subscription!

Worldwide Membership Subscription

The PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club is thrilled to extend membership to the worldwide community along with an exciting roster of membership benefits & exclusive incentives!

Worldwide Membership

Worldwide Membership benefits include:

  • Arts & Education Meetings, a unique stereo-education curriculum & online cultural destination. For remote learners who want to gain a deeper understanding of stereoscopic theory, techniques and practices and wants to meet with like-minded individuals in a safe, supportive & caring environment. We meet online twice a month. One community based meeting- for group critiques, show n tells, community discussions & member suggested activities, and one formal meeting- for focused lectures, demonstrations, research presentations, intimate talks with stereographers, special projects & guest speakers.
  • Monthly Newsletter, a digital magazine featuring original articles, member galleries, relevant news, recaps of club activities, promotions and upcoming activities.
  • Calls for art for National 3-D Day. Worldwide Members may submit stereo works of specified format to be considered for our Stereo Club member gallery for  National 3-D Day.
  • Discounts, Contests, Prizes & Promotions. Exclusive sales, discounts, & promotions throughout the year and other opportunities curated for our worldwide membership.
  • Admittance to Members only meetings, workgroups and events. The majority of our in person events are free & open to the public. Membership is required to attend our twice monthly online meetings, member only workgroups such as  XLCR 3D, special events and club initiatives.

PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club NYC Membership

The PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club serves the NYC/tri-state area and worldwide online community. Our Worldwide Membership above, now serves as our single, universal membership, which allows admittance to our members only club activities, such as our twice monthly online meetings, our in person working groups & club initiatives. Membership benefits also include our monthly Newsletter, exclusive discounts, promotions and opportunities. We also host a variety of free in person events and create free informative content.

PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club NYC Initiatives

Club Initiatives are long term projects and productions that can be best realized through group effort. The PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club assumes these missions through the volunteer efforts of our local core membership in NYC & are supported in part by membership funds.
Additional initiatives for Oct ‘22 – March ‘23 include, but are not limited to;
  • Club to Club peership. Our first field trip to the Depthmen meeting is in October. CLOSED GROUP/ALL SPACES FULL
  • Video/Still/Lighting/Directing/Post Production work for cultural preservation projects. Three main focuses for February, see academics/initiatives page for detailed project info.
  • National 3-D productions & event preparations and day of event hosting.
  • Fundraising for exhibitions/gallery shows/physical publications.
  • Developing member & officer suggested initiatives.

PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club Officers

ilicia benoit


Ilicia is the driving force behind all PARALLAX-SHIFT operations & serves as the Stereo Club President & webmaster for She is a seasoned Stereographer of over 20 years, a Holographer, academic researcher & entrepreneur involved in a diverse range of 3D activities. Ilicia has been a vocal advocate for the active practice, preservation & study of 3D for almost a decade & a proven community leader whos contributions to 3D have already made notable impacts to stereo culture, industry & nomenclature. She is the founder of National 3-D Day, discoverer of the Pseudogram & SuDagraph, designs/mfg 3D lifestyle products & creates resources & opportunities to promote greater understandings of Stereoscopic Communication to all. Read more in the About page

Carlos Becerra


Carlos Becerra is an accomplished & knowledgeable stereographer who has already made considerable contributions to stereo culture & our cultural preservation efforts. It is hard to keep in mind that he is a fairly recent graduate of NYCs famed School of Visual Arts, where he was awarded the Rhodes Family award for outstanding achievement in photography and video He has curated two separate NYC gallery exhibitions promoting stereo works, authored a research paper on the continued relevancy of stereo formats & spearheads Club research efforts, such as our ongoing explorations of the Chester Burger stereo slide collections at the NYPL & NYHS. Carlos’s insight, talent, technical and organizational skills as well as his genuine love and interest for 3D & our community makes him an invaluable member of our leadership team.

Sam Dole


Sam Dole has been an educator at NYC’s Penumbra Foundation for over 10 years and is our in person event coordinator. Additionally, he is a professional photographer, lighting director and assistant, working with clients such as Beyonce, Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games & Pharrell to name a few. His encyclopedic knowledge of all things Photographic contribute considerably to our online programming such as the Stereo Camera Show & informed our cultural preservation productions.
The officers of the PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club are committed to reinforcing the tenets and truths of Stereoscopic Communication so a greater understanding of this unique visual language may be gained by all. We advocate it’s active practice & study, preserve our cultural heritage & promote its viewing & enjoyment. We facilitate the creation of new Stereoscopic works, incubate new interests & encourage new explorations. We emphasize excellence, ethical behavior, communication, transparency, diversity and foster sustainable development and the free exchange of information. These behaviors are practiced by all of PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club’s officers and are the principles that guide the conduct of the Club and its relationships with its members, colleagues, the greater community and all persons everywhere.