the Roundup 5/3/23

the Roundup is a new regular column featuring  Stereoscopic & Holographic exhibitions, presentations & related events that caught our eye, in NYC and beyond..


TODAY! MAY 3rd 5pm CEST, Mary Friargiu from VSC Global presents IGLESEAIS Through the Stereoscope, an on location event (hit her up for details) that will be livestreamed on Instagram. Tune into Get a taste for her work on the VSC Global Community site

ALSO from VSC is a past presentation from Carlton Bright, who is not only one of my oldest of my 3-D friends, he is also one of my favorite stereographers of all time. His recent video presentation, in 2D and SBS Parallel 3D =👀 may very well be one of the best productions I’ve ever seen for an online organized stereo club meeting. Featured is a glimpse at his stereo work with Polaroid XR-70s and a monumental 3D production of his 3D polas from the 80’s. It’s a MUST WATCH.

Carlton Bright’s April 2023 presentation for VSC Global Community.


London seems to be getting quite shifty lately, with holography & stereography exhibitions popping up left and right.

The London Stereoscopic Company/ Brian May punctuate the close of their immensely popular SIGFY exhibition & book release with a follow up exhibition at the very same Proud Galleries, this time featuring the stereo documentary work of Brian May himself for the upcoming scheduled exhibition June 2- Sept 23, 2023 and be sure to check out the other stereo samplings showcased.

Queen Will Rock You in 3-D, Proud Galleries.

Virtual/Real at Gallery 286, London.

Three decades of exceptional holograms from the collection of Jonathan Ross are on display until June 21, 2023. By appointment only. A MUST SEE for ALL persons with stereo/Holo interests.

Keep an eye on Kate Sullivan as well, Patchwork Gallery, a multi artist ultidisciplinary exhibition in London featuring many formats of Stereoscopic work might have just ended (April 1- May 1, 2023), but we know there will be more in store from this incredibly active artist/curator/educator


Illumination NYC Spring Showcase, May 2 – 8, Battery Park City,

Ken Jacobs exhibition “Up the Illusion”, Broadway Windows (10th St & Bway, Manhattan) Until Nov 26 2023.

Please see the related post, P-SSC at the opening reception which even features an interview with Jan Jacobs himself!

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