Membership has it’s privileges! P-SSC PERK Update!

Subscribing members of the PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club ALWAYS get hooked up with all sorts of stereoscopic goodies that we we can share with our community! We always have exciting gifts on hand for members and guests at our in-person NYC meetups, but we also have mailable perks for our worldwide member subscribers as well!


One of our most popular perks ever- a deadstock vintage sampler packets of 35mm stereo slide mounts from Reel 3-D Enterprises, which were GENEROUSLY DONATED to our club by Susan Pinsky and David Starkman (the owners of the now closed Reel 3-D Enterprises 3-D shop) is now VERY LOW in stock. I think I only have 2 left.

I’ll be setting these two packets aside specifically for our next two Worldwide Membership subscribers as they are easily mailable to any address internationally.

We still have about ten donated Stereo Realist camera manuals (also from Susan and David) which is an excellent reference for any Stereo Realist owner (past, present or future!) to have on hand.


We still have plenty of HOLOSPEX that were GENEROUSLY DONATED to P-SSC by American Paper Optics to go around! Please visit their shop! There are a trusted manufacturer of 3D glasses and have an online retail shop with TONS of stereoscopic specs including some exclusive products you won’t find anywhere else!

Holospecs are absolutely incredible holographic glasses that diffract light into distinguishable 3-Dimensional holographic patterns at any spotlight source. We have a variety of different, collectable motifs, some of the hologram patterns are even animated! It’s really an incredible technology, there are simply no other types of glasses that are like them. They are not only amazing to wear and view the world around you with by the way… the pliable, holographic lenses can be used in other sorts of ways as well! I’ve used them in a variety of optical experiments, for STEM education, I have lined mirrors with them to produce reflective holo patternings for Lumia compositions and they can be used as specialized filters for photographic and video capturing as well! The usage possibilities are honestly limited by your own imagination, I’m sure P-SSC members can find endless applications for them (or just walk around at night going WOAHHHH like Sam and I do in the video below 😂😂)

We will also be having some special giveaways from American Paper Optics very soon for the upcoming solar eclipse in October 2023 👀 Those will most likely be prize giveaways closer to the fall season.


My great friend and fellow ISU Organized Stereo Club leader Takashi Sekitani sent me a very GENEROUS DONATION of top quality, color accurate Anaglyph glasses from Japan. These anaglyph glasses are my FAVORITE design of all time. They are the definition of effective minimalist design and are individually wrapped, handheld viewers from single cut plastic with dyed gel lenses. I do not only use them for anaglyph viewing. I use them to check color accuracy of my anaglyph prints. I use them as GELS for SHADOWGRAPH PROJECTIONS and for STEM education, as well as my custom jewelry line! I consider them the Cadillac of anaglyph specs ❤️💙 Please visit his website, the English version is linked below.

I’ve used STEREOEYE anaglyph glasses (a P-SSC PERK imported all the way from Japan!) to create live shadowgraph projections for a National 3-D Day Livestream this past March in 2023!


I often have giveaways, special prizes or gifts on special occasions from my own self designed and self printed/manufactured line of PARALLAX-SHIFT 3D Lifestyle Gear!

I source, design, print and assemble all PARALLAX-SHIFT products myself in my studio (I am a career designer/marketer of 25+ years and run a professional specialty printing studio) and have quite a few pieces of extra stock leftover from the PARALLAX-SHIFT 3D Shop which is currently closed but will hopefully reopen sometime this year. These are items available when announced (usually through my social media accounts) as prizes & incentives for contests and special occasions to subscribing worldwide membership no matter where in the world and as special occasion gifts and member incentives at in-person events in NYC!

The PARALLAX-SHIFT 3D Product Line was the world’s first and only 3D Lifestyle Line designed by stereographers for stereographers and included an array of stereoscopic apparel & accessories as well as stereoscopic specific products such as our Peeper Keeper & Pocket Peeper viewing wallets and custom created fresnel stereoscopes, which are the world’s thinnest, most portable & expandable magnified stereoscopes, designed by yours truly, so magnified stereo viewing can be achieved anywhere with a paper thin stereoscope that is smaller and thinner then a credit card!

An old PARALLAX-SHIFT 3D Shop sale ad featuring my exclusive Pocket Peeper & World’s Smallest, Thinnest & Most Expandable Magnified Stereoscope

Subscribing Members support all of our efforts here at PARALLAX-SHIFT, such as our continued free, informative, educational & entertaining productions, our independent research and stereoscopic history & cultural heritage initiatives and STEM education undertakings. Please consider joining the PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club! Our universal Membership Subscription can be found in the main menu drop down.

Thank you so much! –ilicia