Stereo Supply Shop in Japan-

How’s this for instant Instagram serendipity?

The other day I was contacted by a stereographer in Australia needing help sourcing realist slide mounts. He was looking for an affordable supply source after being unable to buy from a seller he originally was purchasing from in Las Vegas, so I suggested he contact the Sydney Stereo Camera Club and told him I would try to find some places in Japan as well since I remembered that shipping to Australia from Japan might be significantly cheaper then shipping from the USA.

Here is the OZ3DClub account in Australia, give it a follow.

I was contacted shortly afterwards by a random person on Instagram, a friend of a friend who apparently knows my account well enough to have taken the initiative to link me to a post from an account in Japan that I was unaware of- @thelongriders1

The post was illustrating their stereo slide making process but what caught my eye was a stereo slide mount I have never seen before.

Note the half moon cutout at the bottom of the mount- that was the clue that these were a new (at least to me) source for mounts I had never seen before. Thanks to Google translate, asking my new stereo friend the source of the mounts was quite easy.


I have no additional information about the shop other then the successful slide mounting that I have seen on @thelongriders1 profile, but they seem to stock a rather complete line of stereoscopic film camera products which includes some rather hard to find items that are difficult to source even here in the USA.

They have an entire menu dedicated to stereo photography- stocking a rather impressive selection of stereo cameras, stereo mounts and viewing supplies (even the rather hard to find Viewmaster and Meopta blank reels, sold in packs of 10!), even accessories like a triple hood for a 3D World camera!

What a great find! Please give the Diamond Camera site a visit, whether you are geographically located to shop this store or not, there are many interesting finds on the site and it’s always good to be aware of any new stereo products and their producers since stereo film supplies is such a niche market.

Thank you to thelongriders1 on Instagram!

Happy mounting and shooting 🙂 –ilicia