Today is Sunday, April 30th, 2023 and it is WORLD PINHOLE DAY!

I hope to make a quick little video or Livestream tonight for my Instagram on how to construct a rather simple DIY stereo pinhole camera.

I hope to spend some time today practicing my pinhole pokes and I hope to get two usable pinholes by tonight. After that, the process of constructing a stereo pinhole camera will rely on my finding an appropriate box on which to mount them and constructing a septum to seperate the two stereo images that it will capture. It should be a simple enough project if my pinholes are clean and smooth without jagged edges (this is a most important part of pinhole making, the edges are about as important as the minute size the pinhole must be in order to produce a viewable image).

I’m using the smallest sized beading needles I could find and black cinefoil material to create them. I have always been told that trick is to ALMOST pierce the foil and use the finest grain sanding paper to sand the back end paper thin until the hole appears, unburred. We shall see if I am successful later on tonight πŸ˜‚

Today would certainly be the day to visit Oczko Stereo https://oczkostereo.eu/ a manufacturer of stereo pinhole cameras and DIY kits! Check out his Instagram profile as well, with lots of images captured with his cameras! https://instagram.com/oczkostereo.eu?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

I’ll try to find time to post up a few good references throughout the day to suppliment this post on pinhole making, exposure charts, hole aperture sizing, etc..


Shortly after publishing this post I actually DID find my matched pair of holga pinholes, so the likelihood of my making a $tore $tereography video on Instagram tonight is now extremely high πŸ™‚

Happy World Pinhole Day everyone!