Tokyo Club Meeting 4/23/22

Sam & I could only stay for the first 15 min. We had to leave the house at 5am to drive up to the camera show & make it there by 7 (we didn’t 😂😂😂) and the Tokyo meeting started at 1am our time.

The first 15 minutes proved to be super important, firstly, Takashi announced that the ISU Congress for 2023 was to be held in Tsukuba Japan, which luckily gives us ample time to schedule out and save up for. I’ll be posting more on this separately.

We also submitted a stereo each, an X view collage piece I made and a snapshot Sam took of me holding red/blue transparent vinyl placemats.

Takashi mentioned online afterwards that it is a concept he has not previously come across yet at a Tokyo Club meeting,. I also saw Ron Labbe the next day, who also confirmed it was a new idea to him as well, so I am off once again, to find any evidence I can to disprove myself as being its discoverer and pursue it. More on this once again, in a seperate post.

This is the first collage piece I’ve made in a little while, and even had a title for it “An Ode to Eric Drysdale” i was using mid-century styled collage cut outs and it reminded me of his slide show collection. Also I made it right after his bday so it was a belated bday nod 😉
I had Sam take a few shots of a real life anaglyph concept I’ve been playing around with for years. This in-camera shot of a real-life anaglyph is proving to be a new concept, so I’m off to start the research to see weather or not it has been visited before. If not, then I have discovered a new method of creating anaglyphs & have decided to name them iliglyph’s if that’s the case..