New post format- the Blog will be a blog and not a repository for references

My original concept for was to have a monthly magazine which would eventually contain all the content I’ll now be posting and for the blog to act as an online organization for 7 or 8 years of white papers and references I’ve saved and bookmarked. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have WAY too much content to spread out in monthly magazine issues. The only way to get to them all is by posting it as a blog.

The references I already have up will stay, but I’ll have a separate site dedicated to posting up the thousands of papers and bookmarked sites I have saved. Plus, this gives me a nice space for the creative work I touch on, which has never had a home of its own, I’ve been using Twitter and Instagram for those.

So, welcome to the new format for the Blog, which is now a for real blog from now on 🙂