the Studio at PARALLAX-SHIFT produces the worlds only line of 3D lifestyle products, fine Stereoscopic collectibles & reproductions onto specialty materials.

The Studio has been a cornerstone of PARALLAX-SHIFT operations since it’s inception. Products made here are sold through our 3D Shop and directly support our productions & events, cultural preservation efforts and our local & worldwide Stereo Club activities. It is helmed by ilicia benoit, who conceptualizes, designs, prints and assembles each and every product by hand.


Ilicia designs a line of apparel & accessories that celebrates 3D culture & communications, history & hero’s. Her exclusive designs can be found in our 3D Shop, along with other studio designed and resourced products that cater to 3D enthusiasts! The new campaign drops holiday ‘22!

3DU Remote Learning Labs.

Our exclusive STEM Science kits teach fundamental 3D concepts through hands on learning. The Studio will focus on developing these educational products Coming soon to our 3D Shop!

Professional & Creative Services.

The Studio provides professional & creative services and fulfills dye sublimation printing for short-medium runs for local artists & production run clients that meet our jobbing minimums. The Studio does not offer any print fulfillment services online as of yet. In the past I have created promotional items for stereo related organizations local to NYC like NYSA & gifts for SD&A. I am available for professional & creative contracts & frefor graphic design, marketing, strategy & consultations as well as stereo content creation & photographic capture. The Studio will also be listing a network of creative professionals & services page from our Stereo Club membership shortly.

Stereo Physical Formats

As a professional dye sub printer & seasoned stereographer, I take special interest in developing stereoscopic physical formats. The gallery below are experiments with printing capabilities and products in development.

Upcoming Studio Priorities – P-S+U Collaboration Opportunities

P-S+U program is conceived to facilitate the creation of Stereoscopic collectibles that create new avenues of expression for contemporary stereographers & new streams of revenue that directly support our artists & our community. I hope to be able to announce our first “Call for Art” shortly. The Studio will collaborate with contemporary stereographers from our worldwide membership and extends our time, resources & capabilities to design a limited edition product to be sold through our 3D Shop. I hope to have the P-S+U program ready by the end of year, please read more about it here.

The Studio is equipped with a suite of dye sublimation converted Epson printers and a Geo Knight professional heat press, capable of creating photo quality reproductions on a variety of flat materials in sizes up to 13”x19”.

A brief visual history of past studio set ups, both at home, in private studios & as creative director and production manager at previous employers.