~stereo club membership~
PARALLAX-SHIFT has officially organized a Stereoscopic Club as to be recognized by the ISU and to help us better serve our community and achieve our core goal. Our officers are committed to reinforcing the tenants and truths of Stereoscopic Communication and are excited to announce the details of our membership programs.
PRESIDENT: ilicia benoit
SECRETARY: Carlos Becerra


General Membership in the PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club is FREE to all with email sign up. Subscribers receive our monthly newsletter with club related news and updates, regular columns and featured art from our member galleries. For NYC & WOLRDWIDE MEMBERS

Membership in our Art & Academic Program is $50 a year, effective from date of purchase. We meet remotely via online meeting platforms twice a month barring the months of February and March. For NYC & WOLRDWIDE MEMBERSHIP

Our in person events are free, as well as a number of our online productions.