$$$#10 .1 -LENS HACKS FOR DIGITAL STEREO- multiplying vantage points with acrylic spheres

Dollar $tore $tereography #10 is SO JAM PACKED WITH HACKS, TRICKS, TIPS & TECHNIQUES, I had to supplement the whole episode with individual posts dedicated to supporting each project & hack.

Here is a supplementary post about shooting through an array of transparent acrylic spheres.

This can be adapted to a number of configurations for multiple vantage points in many different orientations and adopted by single or multiple lens capture devices.

I would also like to add that the acrylic spheres I personally used were not optical quality, they came from a plastics manufacturer and were retailed as display/photography props. I recommend higher quality optical material for serious explorations into this experiment. Try googling “lens ball” to find ones best suitable for Photographic usage.

Here are supplementary pics, links & video for this project