Recap of our BYO3D party on June 21!

The pics and video from our BYO3D party were rolling in on social all week 🙂

On display to view & play were a a variety of stereoscopic items brought in by PARALLAX-SHIFT club officers’, members & guests!

Club President ilicia brought in:

  • Vectrex with 3D imaging headset & a variety of stereoscopic games
  • FL Zaxxon Stereoscopic VFD tabletop video game
  • Radica Digital Light Studio volumetric video game
  • Rainbow Foil 2 Channel Atari Cosmos Holograms
  • Stereojet Polarized Transparency Print of NYC by Ron Labbe
  • Magic Glass bohemian glass moire tile
  • Direct back print lenticulars
  • A variety of film holograms including ruby pulse laser Holographic Stereograms
  • Interactive Shadowgraph Projection Screen
  • Polaroid 4 lens passport camera
  • Fuji Rensha Cardia 8 lens 35mm camera

Club Secretary Carlos Becerra brought in:

  • Stereo Realist Camera with grip and cable release
  • Green Button Stereo Realist slide viewer
  • A collection of RBT mounted realist format stereo slides of his recent work

Club Members Gerald Marks & Martine brought:

  • A collection of red/cyan Anaglyph glasses of his personal design, for all attendees to use and keep! Thank you!

Club Member Pedro brought:

  • Stereo Colorist
  • Loreo 3D 35mm beamsplit film camera
  • Nimslo
  • Medium format Holga Stereo camera with dual color changing flash
  • Trilogy 3D 35mm film point and shoot

Pedro also stereographed the party all night, these are scans of the processed b/w film he shot with his nimslo camera, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

The resulting wiggle gif created by Pedro from his film scans

Guest Jessie brought in

  • A Freevie Autostereoscopic tablet with a collection of his personal digital stereo photographs

Guests from Leia Inc Brought in

  • The Leia Lightfield tablet and demonstrated their web based 2D-3D conversion tools and their 3D video streaming service
A quick video of some of the stereoscopic varieties set up for our guests

A memorial was set up for our dear friend and mentor M Henry Jones. After the party our core leadership and guests reflected on his absence. We miss him very much.