We’re making it official! PARALLAX-SHIFT is joining the ISU

PARALLAX-SHIFT & National 3-D Day were both founded to help realize the same greater goal, to facilitate a greater understanding of Stereoscopic Communication to the largest possible audience our means and abilities could afford. National 3-D Day is a National Day registry celebration I created jointly with Eric Kurland’s 3-D Space, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation and education of 3-D communication, as a resource available for anyone to use to their advantage. PARALLAX-SHIFT organizes all of my personal efforts and undertakings in my journey to reach this goal.

I design and manufacture a line of 3D lifestyle products (the 3D Shop has been temporarily closed due to a move and is reopening soon on a new Ecom platform) and will be offering studio services and launching a collaboration program for stereoscopic and holographic artists when it reopens. I host 2 in person meetups in NYCs Penumbra Foundation with the help of my boyfriend Sam, BYO3D (our informal 3D meetup that has become wildly successful and praised for being one of the most unique and imaginative events around) and XLCR3D (out working group meetup that focuses on completing a project together as a group). I host a DDDIY show on Instagram called $$$ (dollar $tore $tereography) and will be debuting 2 more, on YouTube and Twitch, 3D VIDEO GAME HISTORY & the Stereo Camera Show. I will also be launching my new line of STEM educational kits called 3DU Remote Learning Labs, which will teach the basic underlying physics employed by 3D technologies when the 3D Shop fully reopens.

I have a lot going on with PARALLAX-SHIFT and I have so far, been operating independently from any of the established stereo clubs in the community.

We’ve decided to change that. PARALLAX-SHIFT, has just organized to be recognized as a stereoscopic club by the International Stereoscopic Union, who’s mission lays in line with PARALLAX-SHIFT’s core values, goals and mission.

The PARALLAX-SHIFT stereo club will be officiated by myself, ilicia benoit, as it’s President, Carlos Becerra as it’s Secretary and Sam Dole as it’s Treasurer.

I am busy making changes to the website, there is now a CLUB MEMBERSHIP item in the main menu, which should be complete within a few days as well as our club profile on the ISU website. I for one, am excited to rejoin the community and hope you like what we have in store 🙂