M. Henry Jones

It is with great sadness we relay the passing of our very close friend and mentor M. Henry Jones. We only knew M. Henry for a short time, but Sam & I became quite close with him and visited him at his LES studio often as it was walking distance from our old apartment. I personally have two unfinished articles he was informing me on and the loss I feel is not only for my my friend, but also for the stereoscopic medium as a whole. He was a brilliant creative technologist and his contributions to Stereoscopic communications were enormous. I felt it my personal obligation to help him communicate his contributions to our medium and am so very thankful that our club made a point to record him speaking of his work and contributions in an oral history recorded at our meeting last year, which is archived in 3 parts on our YouTube channel

I will write more on M. Henry at a later date, as Sam & I and all of our friends who came to meet and speak with M. Henry at our meetings, all considered him a mentor and we feel a great loss, and need to take some time to grieve before we can properly write more on our very dear friend who we miss very much.

Sam, Carlos & I as well as everyone in our group extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends, especially our dear friend Roberta :**** one of M. Henry’s many many best friends, who we were introduced to through M. Henry. Roberta and M. Henry were the only two people I have ever met who successfully create integral images and blessed our meetings with this super rare stereoscopic format at every meeting they attended.

Integram integral image of Jim Jarmouth, by M. Henry Jones

Roberta is now the only person I know who is versed in this format. We love you and need to give you a great big hug when you return to NYC :**

Flys Eye integral image, M.Henry Jones & Roberta Bennett

We miss you M. Henry