Personal Work- Digital Stereo Collages

Here is small portfolio of recent personal work of stereo-collages I created in the spring of 2021.

Xview, “for moon patrol”, created entirely within the R4VE app, made into additional views with the i3DSteroid app

I rather like making digital stereo-collages. I like the freedom and creativity allowed in crafting a stereoscopic image from the ground up without the restrictions of only using my own stereophotography alone, or even at all. Sometimes I create them from a completely blank canvas, using only digital stickers, sometimes I will use my own stereo photos as a starting point to work off of, or sometimes I will use screen captures of video content that pops up in my Instagram feed as a base.

I tend to use 3 apps to create them. The first and far most important of them are the R4VE app, they have many different “sets” of digital “stickers”, basically groupings of already silhouetted png files within a theme. I often JUST use this app alone to create digital stereo-collages from a blank canvas and using only the digital stickers and backgrounds that can be downloaded from the app. If I’m using my own images and need to silhouette them, or other png files that the R4VE app does not have, I’ll use Adobe CC Express, and I ALWAYS bring them into i3DSteroid regardless of how they are created, to reverse them from X views into = views, etc..

Here are some of my favorite final pieces and some of the self created or screen grabbed stereo photo content that I built up collages on top of. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them 🙂


“Untitled” Top: =view, Bottom:Xview
A pair of sequential stills, screencaptured while scrolling through video content, brought in to i3dSteroid for automatic alignment.

For Moon Patrol

“For moon patrol” Top: Xview, Bottom: =view

An Ode to Eric Drysdale

Xview “an ode to Eric Drysdale”
=view “an ode to Eric Drysdale”

Hizzy Schizzy Shizzy

Xview “hizzy schizzy shizzy”
=view “hizzy schizzy shizzy”

Same Shift, Different Day

Xview “same shift, different day”
=view, “same shift different day”

Urban Camouflage

“Urban Camouflage” Top: Xview, Bottom: =view
Xview of the original stereo photo used to create the above stereo collage

Thanks so much for reading! An aside, I have held an online zoom class that was about two hours long, where my students followed along to successfully create their own stereo collages using these apps on their phones. It was a small group of two girls, and one of them wanted to create a “sexy” stereo collage of herself so we all made sexy stereos together lol. This was the thank you image I made during the class. Check my landing page for the next class posting!