Lenticular TV Pins from Ellingson TV

Josh Ellingson creates a line of AMAZING enameled TV pins that glow in the dark and come with sheets of lenticular “TV” shows on them, which you can peel off and stick on the TV pins. Also included is a UV keychain light which charges up the UV glow in the dark TV set and glows through the animated lenticular “channel” that you choose to watch on your mini TV pin.


It’s a SUPER fun set and although technically not stereoscopic, I’m a sucker for a great lenticular and felt it warranted a post 🙂

Each sticker sheet comes with 8 different lenticulars of classic B Movies and TV show snippets, there are a wide variety of classic TV sets to choose from and lenticular sheets of “channels” which can be purchased individually or in sets. They’re pretty inexpensive for what they are, came with a ton of freebies and mine was even shipped free and super fast I might add, I think I received my order two days after purchase.

I LOVE them 🙂 PARALLAX-SHIFT tested and approved 👌👌👌 Check out the videos below to see the sets I purchased in action!


Josh also experiments with peppars ghost displays with content generated from oscillators, which can be seen on his Instagram profile here, hopefully there will be more on that in an upcoming post 🙂