The PHSNE show up in Newton Massachusetts, 4/23/22

Sam & I took a little break from NYC to go to the PHSNE- the Photographic Historical Society of New England- camera show up by Boston this weekend. His dad rented a table to sell (I’m not sure if we came back with more then we brought) and I took some video walking the isles and speaking to some vendors, as well as some stereos which I’m posting below, along with obligatory snaps of the gear and stuff we came back home with.

Of course the very BEST find at the whole show was bumping into 3-D legend Ron Labbe in the parking lot, screaming WHAAAAAAATTTTT??!!!?!?! at each other ;*


Here is a quick video of Sam’s Dad talking to Bill Cress “the Flashman” giving us the lowdown safety tips for firing a 75 year old bulb- the $10,000 answer? Reynolds turkey roasting bags 😂😂👌👌👌
This is an archived livestream from my Instagram account, about 15 minutes of walking up and down the isles and talking to dealers who tell us about a variety of the antique surreptitious surveillance cameras that spy’s and detectives used to use, which were all for sale: an antique Vest Buttonhole camera from the 1800s, a complete Expo pocket watch camera system and the Blair and Anthony lunchbox cameras.
This was my new friend Matt. He’s got cameras AND jokes. He can do BOTH SON.
Walking in and through the isles..

In my opinion the most interesting stereo items at the show were these homemade rigs. I’m happy to say that I ended up with the portrait and landscape point & shoots, I found out Ron went home with the pair of brownies 🙂

A pair of brownies housed in a wooden box, with a homemade apparatus for simultaneously depressing the shutter.
2 homemade stereo rigs, one for landscape stereos and one for portrait style, both housing a pair of Ricoh AF40’s. We ended up with these and the vendor threw in another spare AF40 to sweeten the deal.

I made out like a bandit considering I was shuttered in at the table for 85% of the show so the boys could run around and cameraCAMERAcamera themselves into a stupor.. 👀 this is only my stuff, Sam scored his own pile of Graflex’s, perhaps one day he will write a post about them, but I highly doubt it 😂 in any case, here is my new swag.

I also picked up this very nice rainbow foil reflection holographic stereogram (you can just say hologram for short) at the very last minute at closing.
I have to say this camera pocketbook is probably my favorite thing from the lot. Expect to see me rocking it on the regular, ALL THE TIME

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