PARALLAX-SHIFT is proud to introduce a new innovation in 3D instructional education, our 3DU Remote Learning Labs.

Our 3DU Remote Learning Labs are STEM science kits created for at home learning, perfect for anyone who wants to understand the physical, physiological and psychological components of 3D communication and how they are leveraged by 3D technologies.

Each 3DU lab consists of a mail order kit containing materials necessary to complete a project or series of experiments that pertain to an aspect of Stereoscopic communication!
3DU combines online learning with hands on project building and tackle a single subject at a time. Each kit comes with an instruction booklet and a password to an online video lesson pertaining to that particular topic.

ONGOING ONLINE COURSE- offered the second Wednesday of every month.


Basic Color Theory- 3DU 001. 3DU Lab 001 introduces students to the additive and subtractive color palettes and the basic color theory. This kit contains:

  • 4 LED lights, in Red, Blue and Green
  • 6” Squares of transparent acetate in Red, Blue and Green
  • Info booklet with code to online assets
  • Access to online instructional video
  • Weight- 33grams
  • Ships internationally

Mirror Lab- 3DU 002. 3DU Lab 002 is designed to teach students about reflective surfaces and how light interacts with them. This kit contains

  • Two 1.5” squares of acrylic mirror.
  • One 6” strip of reflective Mylar.
  • 4” square of Black card stock
  • 4” share of White card stock
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Weight- 33grams
  • Ships internationally

Diazo Printing- 3DU 003. 3DU Lab 003 introduces students to traditional photo reproduction techniques using a newly formulated photosensitive dyes that is safe and easy to use. This is a project focused, creative lab where students have the option to utilize all included materials to recreate project examples, or use them in their own way to create new original works. We recommend watching this archived tutorial, here to learn how to create easy, photo masks and transparencies to use in your own creations.

  • 2 Packs of Lumi Inkodye in Assorted Colors. 28ml each
  • 1 Pack Lumi Detergent. 28ml
  • 3V Button Battery
  • UV LED Light Component
  • Info booklet with code to online assets
  • Access to online instructional video
  • Weight- 33grams
  • Ships internationally

Diazo Printing- 3DU 003


3DU-004, Persistence of Vision

3DU-005, Interlaced Images

3DU-006, Diffraction Optics

3DU-007, Lenticular Lensing

3DU-008, Anaglyph Lab

3DU-009, Stereoscopes

3DU-010, Stereo Pinhole Camera

3DU-011, Polarized Light

3DU-012, Pseudoscope

3DU-013, Anamorphic Imagery

3DU-014, Multiscopic Integrals

3DU-015, Sight & Perception

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About 3DU

3DU Remote Learning Labs are STEM science
recommend for learners of any age 13+ or with adult supervision for grade school students.

More About Us

Video Lessons

3DU Video Lessons will be accessible through the information printed in each individual lesson booklet for our individual 3DU labs.YouTube Channel

Wholesale Orders

Orders of 12+ kits are available for wholesale order discounts, please contact us with the form below for inquiries.

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