the Shift, ISSUE DEBÚT, April 2022

Featured Article & Poll 👀 The Wiggle Gif Debate

Are wiggle gif’s stereoscopic formats? Hear arguments, voiced from experts & volleyed from both sides of the net, plus cast your own vote on the matter in our exclusive reader poll.

Shift it into 3rd Gear

Portable, Pocket Sized, Stereoscopic Video Production Studio & Polarized Projection Outfit Using Pairs of Point & Shoot/Projector Cameras from the 2010’s. You read that right.


We review Arthur Girland’s 1990 book “Stereoscopic Drawing”

3D Camera Review

Sam Dole, Mad Shifty & Sapphire Goss take Lomography’s 8 lens sequential shooter off the shelves & out for a test drive. Want to know how it holds up in 2022? Stick around & find out in April’s inaugural issue!

dope in every dimension

PARALLAX-SHIFT is not a stereoscopic “club”, we’re a brand. We won’t ever ask you to dig around for some ducats unless we have something of value to offer you in return. Our stereoscopic product lines celebrate, educate, incubate & facilitate a greater understanding of 3-D communication. Our monthly promotions are dope in every dimension- because 2D is for nerds, yo.

Full Disclosure

An independent expose intended to find solutions to put an end to the discrimination, bias treatment & abuses of power, endured by myself & fellow victims from leadership & governing bodies in the stereo clubs & organizations in the United States. Our first installment educates on what discrimination is and what measures clubs and organizations can easily adopt to prevent it from happening before it starts. We list suggested references published by experts on the subject as well as the professional opinions of legal council on what individuals should do if they feel their rights have been violated.

Dollar $tore $tereography

Our popular DDDIY stereoscopic project video tutorial streams live the first Tuesday of every month on Instagram from the personal account of @ parkitlikeitshot and is archived on IGTV and embedded here on the corresponding PARALLAX-SHIFT archive page.



Our NEW monthly video series hosted by Mad Shifty. I once started a website dedicated to the history of 3D Video Games which I never finished and am picking up AGAIN in 2022. You can find it at