Worldwide Members of the PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club can attend our Arts & Education meetings online and receive our new multimedia e-magazine, theSHIFT.
Our first issue is slated for November and will be complimentary to view for a limited time! We hope it will be an incentive to join our club. It’s already jam packed with content for our regular columns, investigative articles, member spotlights & galleries, the latest 3-D news from our global membership & local club endeavors, calls for art, studio collaborations, programming & event schedules, exclusive sales & specials at the 3D Shop, contests, activities and more! WE ENCOURAGE ALL OUR WORLDWIDE MEMBERSHIP TO CONTRIBUTE!
the SHIFT, ISSUE DEBÚT, November 2022
  • ISSUE DEDICATION: In order to preserve our history and cultural heritage, we will remember a person who has made an impact on the world of Stereoscopy. Their contributions may be grand, or simply a personal hero that inspired you in your own personal journey.
  • LATEST & GREATEST: Recaps & reviews of the latest P-S Club events & programming & other relevant 3D news from NYC & your neck of the woods!
  • READDD: What’s on your bookshelf? Reviews of books on stereo subjects.
  • INVESTIGATIVE ARTICLES: The PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club was founded by independent researchers and photography educators and our investigative articles, explorations & timely editorials hope to reflect that.
  • MEMBER SPOTLIGHT/GALLERIES: A feature article on a P-S Club member & a roundup of images submitted to our Instagram gallery. Just hashtag #PSSCWWW & the month & year, for example October 2022 would look like #PSSCWWW1022
  • SHIFT IT INTO 3RD GEAR: The gear, gadgets & goodies on our radar, plus our own 3D Shop sales & specials
  • NYC & WWW PROGRAM & EVENT CALENDAR: Our upcoming online schedule for club meetings, programming ( like $$$ & the Stereo Camera Show) & announcements. NYC events are announced with a shorter lead time then our online scheduling.
  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS / CALLS FOR ART / COLLABORATIONS: Our Calls for Art for Worldwide Members will most likely be emailed first when announced, but we will reiterate in the upcoming issue if it fits the timeframe. Plus any other announcements, like contest winners, upcoming Limited Efition Collaboratioetc.
  • MEMBER SUBMISSIONS/CORRESPONDENCE: This is YOUR magazine as much as it is anyone else’s, if you have any ideas you would like to submit or comments about a previously published piece, let us know!

Once a month we will hold online meetings for our Worldwide Members that are focused on Stereo-education & explorations. Our first meeting is slated for November 12, with time TBA contingent to the majority of our members schedules.

Worldwide Membership Arts & Education Calendar. (Monthly meetings, date & time TBA, contingent on member schedules)

  • November 12. Stereo Vision Primer.Learn the fundamental functions of stereoscopic vision. Please attend meeting with a large sheet of paper or a cardboard towel tube and a pair of ordinary sunglassss.
  • Accurate Anaglyph Printing. Adding just one single step to your print workflow- no matter what it is- will give you the most accurate anaglyph prints, guaranteed. This is the most important step every professional printer knows and it can not be found in any anaglyph printing workshop I have reviewed as far back as 2015. 
  • Stereographer Spotlight, David Hazan.Provocative anaglyph programming & thoughtful, in depth interview with David Hazan, with one on one with the artist.
  • Understanding Chromastereopsis. The physics and physiological science behind chromastereopsis, the mechanism which makes Chromadepth 3-Dimensional color imagery possible.

Meeting topics may be subject to change, members will be contacted with updates if so. Worldwide Membership programs & productions are suspended in February & March to focus on promotions & productions for National 3-D Day