New Collaboration Opportunities for Worldwide Members of the PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club

Coming up in November ’22 the Studio at PARALLAX-SHIFT reopens and our new collection debuts at our 3D Shop. The Studio will also be offering new services & opportunities for stereoscopic artists in the coming months.

P-S+U, will be a new collaborative program for contemporary stereoscopic artists to develop new, limited edition, stereoscopic works at no cost to them, to be sold through our shop for a split profit.
The PARALLAX-SHIFT design studio and 3D Shop are helmed by myself, ilicia benoit. I’m a specialty print expert, career designer/marketer and I further specialize in stereoscopic physical formats.
The P-S+U program will be a collaborative effort between myself and the artist(s) chosen through open calls for art, to design and manufacture new, quality, collectible stereoscopic works in collaboration with the PARALLAX-SHIFT studio and 3D Shop. Together, we will design a physical product using the selected art and my design and manufacturing capabilities and showcase the product in my 3D Shop for a limited time.
There will be no costs involved at any point (barring potential postage if samples must be mailed for approval.) or for its listing in the 3D shop. The artist(s) receives a percentage of every sale made for the lifespan of its edition. No prior experience is needed, artists retain all rights to their work and do not need to be physically located in NYC as long as they have reliable postal delivery.


Below are samples for concepts or outlook of physical stereoscopic products I’ve created throughout the years. These products were never developed further and are not available for sale.

Stereoscope Collector Cards on Luxury Aluminum Cardstock in brushed silver and gloss white, featuring the photography and collection of Keita Weingari
Marcel Duchamp, Rotoreleif Glass Hand Spinners
One of my earliest print experiments, a barrier strip animation of an animated gif printed on double pane transparent glass
Print samples in repro white glass and brushed silver aluminum of anaglyph images by David Hazan
P-S+U hopes to create new avenues of expression for stereoscopic artists and looks create entirely new streams of revenue for contemporary stereographers and elevate public perceptions of stereoscopic format out of their niche novelty. It will directly support artists with every sale of each product sold & create a much needed sense of purpose and pride for scores of stereoscopic creators by creating a NEED FOR WORK. It is sure to impart new skills to many, as they are involved with designing, manufacturing and marketing the product at every stage of the process. I am looking forward to announcing the first official call for art shortly. -ilicia

If you are interested in becoming eligible for our Calls for Art, or would like to be among the first to shop the upcoming limited edition collaborations, then please consider becoming a Worldwide Member of the PARALLAX-SHIFT Stereo Club!