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*Updated August 6, 2022*

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Our Resources Page is an open ended list of links by organized by general subject or need. Larger lists are organized onto additional dedicated resource pages.

The Essential List

A must read! This dedicated page lists links to sites & other info that have been essential to our team’s overall understanding of Stereoscopic Communication.

Resources from the Blog; Whitepapers, Vintage Stereo Camera Manuals & other Digitized Hard Copy

Categorized collections of hard to find digitized hard copy & links to other online resources from posts on the Blog. Very special thanks to Susan Pinsky & David Starkman of the LA-3D club for donating hundreds of hand scanned manuals from their collection.

Off Site Small Business Vendors & Service Providers.

Links to online shops & service providers for Stereoscopic, Holographic & Stereo-related niches. All listings are located in USA unless otherwise noted.

  • Surplus Shed. Deadstock optical components, Canada Balsm, ground glass, etc.
  • Pictoriographica. Maker of high quality photographic dry plates.
  • Litiholo. Holography kits and maker of “instant” holographic plates
  • Sams Laser Repair. Retail & repair of lasers & related components, also, the most comprehensive site for all information on lasers.
  • Berezin. Retailer of Stereophotography supplies
  • Studio 3D. Seller of Stereojets Prints & Stereophotography supplies & services.
  • 3D Stereo. Retailer of Stereography supplies
  • Stereo eye. English version website of Japan based seller of Stereophotography supplies & the manufacturer of our favorite Anaglyph glasses.
  • Images Co. Holography supplies & components like front surface mirrors etc.
Off Site Tools, Apps & Open Source Software

Links to online shops & service providers for Stereoscopic, Holographic & Stereo-related niches. All listings are located in USA unless otherwise noted.

  • Stereo Photo Maker. Masuji Soto’s free PC based stereo photo program is THE STANDARD for digital stereo photographers, from novices to expert.
  • Blender. Free, open source software for 3-Dimensional computer generated image making. A variety of Stereoscopic plug ins exist and are constantly being
  • Unity. Video game and interactive 3D design tools. Build real-time 3D projects for various industries across games, animation, automotive, architecture, and more.
  • Three.js is a 3D library that tries to make it as easy as possible to get 3D content on a webpage.
  • WebGL. WebGL is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. WebGL is fully integrated with other web standards, allowing GPU-accelerated usage of physics and image processing and effects as part of the web page canvas .
  • Leiapix Converter. Convert 2D images into 3D in this web based converter powered by AI.
  • Thingverse. Upload & download files for 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, etc.

For a greater understanding of Stereoscopic Communication through its active practice, study and the preservation of its collective history

-lIicia Benoit, PARALLAX-SHIFT