Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥ #9- Lego My Everything!

There’s something for everyone in $$$#9, its a smorgasbord of stereoscopic lego projects!

Lego’s are WONDERFUL building materials for stereoscopic and photographic applications.

I glued all my pieces down with a hot glue gun because of time constraints, I would definitely use an epoxy or 24 hour setting glue for anything i would be glueing for permanent or multiple uses. Lego’s are strong and sturdy, they lock in tight and stay in place once placed and are able to be removed and are interchangeable. They have straight sides and are squared at 90 degree angles at their sides and corners, plus there are so many specialized pieces that allow for spinning rotations, hinges, transparent pieces etc. They can be used in the same way an electronics breadboard would be used, or as a stage, to lock down optical components.. They are just really great. I hope you enjoy this episode, (I think ill invest in a mic for the next one) and I hope it will inspire you to make a project that could be of use to you, or to make your own!

With just one lego set i got at the local Target i was able to make:

  • a bubble level finder for a cumbersome twin rig, that could be removed and used on…
  • a smartphone rig with baseline options
  • lens and filter holders for stereo smartphones
  • lens and filter holders for single smartphone strereography
  • removable lens cover and filter options for a nishika 4 lens lenticular camera
  • a filter wheel option for a nishika
  • a stage to set LED lights onto for shadowgraph anaglyph projections
  • breadboards and holders for optical elements and for Lumia sculptures

I didn’t even have a chance to get into the other projects for laser safety or applications for holography, but I think this episode illustrated my overall point nicely- there are COUNTLESS ways to use Lego’s in countless projects for stereoscopy! im sure you will even discover new ways for you to use them for your own specific needs.