Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥ #7- Holographic Chocolate

On this SPECIAL EXTRA episode of Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥, we reveal how holographic chocolate is made 🙂 A big thanks to our friend Rico in Japan and the Chairs of the Stereoscopic Display and Application conference for spurring this tutorial to come to fruition.

PLEASE watch this short preview video on holographic diffraction grating if you are not familiar with the material, before watching the tutorial that follows.

And HERE is the actual tutorial. There is a 20 minute lull between the first ten minutes and the last 5, where I wait for the chocolate to cool, so I show off a bunch of holograms from my collection in the interrum, there will be an edited version posted soon. In the meantime, here is the entire episode in full.

I will be posting links to the grating that I sell in my 3D Shop and also to other vendors online where you can purchase the holographic diffraction grating needed for this project- its reusable if you wash it in distilled water and it is a great material just to have on hand for future experiments and projects as well. I also use it as a lens filter for digital and analog photography and home decor! It’s totally awesome!