Our line up of original, informative & entertaining 2D & 3D programming has appeal that reaches far beyond the stereoscopic community.

Our DDIY show Dollar $tore $tereography ($$$) proves you can find opportunities for Stereoscopic Communication anywhere you look and focuses on creating projects with inexpensive or free materials that can be easily obtained. This 2D livestream series has been praised by the public, STEM educators and stereoscopic authorities as being one of the most imaginative and engaging programs on Stereoscopy ever made! Streamed live and achieved on Instagram from the personal account of @parkitlikeitshot

Sam Dole of NYC’s Penumbra Foundation & Carlos Becerra of Fotografiska join lIicia Benoit on our new YouTube series devoted to the practical usage of Stereoscopic cameras and accessories. We will be pulling cameras from our extensive collections and be joined regularly by fellow Stereographers with stereo cameras from their collections, in whats certain to be an entertaining, informative program on 3D & Stereo Cameras.

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Here are some DIY teaser videos already achieved on Instagram from the personal account of @parkitlikeitshot that relate to the topic. Have no fear, the 3D Camera Show will be filmed at NYCs Highlight Studio and have a much higher production value,

3D VIDEO GAME HISTORY premieres this month as well and will be hosted by my pseudoside, Madame Shifty. This show has a NEW dedicated website which I hope to populate woth all the tidbits and erroneous links that I won’t be able to fit into a show. For the time being, it will be a 2D livestream production supplemented by prerecorded 3D SBS video of Stereoscopic gameplay from the games in my collection.

PARALLAX-SHIFT presents; is the overall category for our many one off productions that are not part of our regular scheduled series. These include video productions like our 3 part oral history recorded at our XLCR3D working group of our friend and mentor, M Henry Jones, who has recently passed and now stands as an important historic document of Stereoscopic history. Also included are other original 3D or 2D Stereoscopy-related video content of personal work branded as a PARLLAX-SHIFT production.

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