PARALLAX-SHIFT hosts a variety of unique in-person & hybrid events in addition to our online entertainment and educational programming. Since our official inception on National 3-D Day, March 21, 2021 we have produced over 40 events, video productions & livestreams for audiences worldwide and for locals in the NYC area.
This “past events” page is home to our ever growing archive highlighting our in person and hybrid events. Our educational and entertainment programming, such as our popular dddiy show, $$$, are currently being organized and archived under their respective headers. PARALLAX-SHIFT would like to thank The Penumbra Foundation for generously providing space for our in person meetups and video productions this past year. The Penumbra Foundation is a Non Profit organization located in Midtown Manhattan, dedicated to the preservation and teaching of historical photographic processes. Please visit their website for more information on this prestigious institution.


March 21, 2021. PARALLAX-SHIFT’s first official National 3-D Day Celbration!

Video flyer for 3D PARTY FOR NERDDDS special 12 hour hybrid celebration for National 3-D Day

This 12 hour hybrid in person/livestream event was held at the Penumbra Foundation and attended in person by locals in the NYC area and audience members worldwide.


If you are in the Ny Metro area and would like to host a Midcentury Stereopanorama viewing of your own, visit to schedule your private presentation for yourself or a small-medium group.

June 22, 2021. PARALLAX-SHIFT’s meetup & Stereo Royal Rescue

The June 22 event was a combination BYO3D meetup with an XLCR3D working group project -the Stereo Royal Rescue! Attendees brought in their vintage Stereo Royal Group viewers to rewire and refit the original lighting element for a modern LED bulb and to troubleshoot and diagnose other common issues. Burn out on the ground glass screens were cleaned with bleach and polarizing filters were temporary replaced in one model after finding them missing.

July 3, 2021. PARALLAX-SHIFT + Penumbra Foundation present the Rare Book Salon

This online event debuted at midnight on July 3, from NYC’s Penumbra Foundation Library and was affectionately nicknamed “bedtime stories for 3D nerds.” A number of titles relating to Stereoscopy were pulled with chapters marked by ilicia benoit and read aloud by Sam Dole to a worldwide online audience who chose to look at the curated titles passages that related most to their interests. Although this was the least attended event in PARALLAX-SHIFT history, it was definitely one of our favorite one to host, as it offered the rare opportunity to all to take a close look through books that are rare and unobtainable to some.

7/3/21 Online Only Event

July 13, 2021. PARALLAX-SHIFT presents BYO3D

Our July BYO3D meetup was such a blast that no one even had a moment to snap any photos. It was chock full of stereoscopic goodness, there were Star Wars holograms, integral images, 3D Video Games, 3D printed stereo camera accessories, lumia sculptures, med format and 35mm stereo slides, plus, Nima of Leia Inc joined us and showed off their latest tablet and Red Hydrogen One 3D smartphone.

July 27, 2021. PARALLAX-SHIFT presents: An Evening with M. Henry Jones.

Left to right; Carlos Becerra, Sam Dole, M. Henry Jones, Ben Martin
An Evening with M. Henry Jones, part 1
An Evening with M. Henry Jones, part 2
An Evening with M. Henry Jones, part 3

This hybrid in person/livestream event was held at the Penumbra Foundation in NYC and attended by locals and audience members In Person Meetups.

XLCR3D An Evening with M. Henry Jones.

August 31, 2021. PARALLAX-SHIFT presents: XLCR3D Stereo Slide Mounting Meetup!

Our in-person event was held at Highlight Studio at the Penumbra Foundation in NYC.

XLCR3D Stereo Slide Mounting Meetup!

Sept 23, 2021. BYO3D. PARALLAX-SHIFT’s new monthly meetup for persons with interests in stereoscopic communications and related pursuits thereof.


This list is STILL being updated- more to follow!