Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥

Creating 3-D imagery doesnt require the latest gear or heavy investment$. This PARALLAX-SHIFT original series features a selection of exclusive DIY projects and activities that re-examine stereography through pragmatic explorations and old fashioned ingenuity.

Common household items (or those that can easily be purchased for little or no cost) are the stars in this instructional DIY series that explores Stereoscopy through a series of projects and activities that requires no special skills, materials or effort to complete. There are opportunities to create 3-D around us all the time & Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥ is all about finding them! 👀

  • $tore $tereograohy 001 Film scanner from baby wipes package
  • $tore $tereograohy 002 Stereo Base-let
  • $tore $tereograohy 003, Holmes Style Stereoscope
  • $tore $tereograohy 004, Shadowgraph Projection Theatre
  • $tore $tereograohy 005 The Worlds Smallest & Thinnest Stereoscope.
  • $tore $tereograohy 006, Packing Tape Transparencies
$tore $tereograohy 001 Film scanner from baby wipes package
$tore $tereography 005 the worlds smallest & thinnest stereoscope.
$tore $tereography #6- Packing Tape Transparencies
$tore $tereography #4- Shadowgraph Projection Theatre

Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥ combines three of my favorite things- 3D, making stuff and Dollar Stores- if you’ve got a stereo project you’d like me to revisit in an upcoming episode, send me an email to MadShifty at PARALLAX-SHIFT dot com with $tore in the heading!

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