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An original, monthly, multi media magazine from Mad Shifty & PARALLAX-SHIFT: original articles, exclusive tutorials, informative interviews, provocative editorials & truly independent opinions + news, reviews & other exclusive content, & Stereoscopic media.


READDD – the book review column

Shift it into 3rd Gear – Mad Shifty’s mod mod world of Stereoscopic projects

Hanging out with Holographers – casual interviews with the current crop of traditional holographers today.

dope in every dimension – upcoming drops & monthly discounts on sale in the PARALLAX-SHIFT 3D Shop

Club ❤️💙 Love – every month we talk to some of the key players in a geographical or online Stereoscopic club and check out what they’re up to

Full Disclosure– An exclusive expose that sheds light on the discrimination, bias, bullying & abuses of power from leadership & governing bodies of the Stereoscopic clubs & organizations in the United States. This monthly feature highlights abuse I myself & others have endured & bared witness to for over 7 years, some of which violate basic constitutional rights & freedoms that are protected by federal & state governments of the United States of America.

The 3D CAMERA Review – reviews by 3D maven, Mad Shifty, plus Sam Dole of The Penumbra Foundation & monthly guest cameos from actively practicing stereo photographers.

Socially Literate – a look at some of the previous months most notable stereoscopic works observed on social media sites.

3D VIDEO GAME HISTORY – Livecast on Twitch the second Thursday of every month. This 2D & SBS (parallel format) Stereoscopic 3D Video show takes an in depth look at the history of 3D video games, with a special focus on the varieties of 3D technologies utilized.

Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥ – monthly video tutorial hosted on Instagram live the first Tuesday of every month from the account of @parkitlikeit’shot

Upcoming articles for our April issue


Shift it into 3rd Gear

Portable Pocket Sized Stereoscopic Video Production Studio & Polarized Projection Outfit Using Pairs of Point & Shoot/Projector Cameras from the 2010’s

How to use a pair of Nikon S1000pj’s or other 2010ish point n shoot technologies to capture, and PROJECT stereoscopic video, even in full color- with the help of some linear polarized glasses and a sun reflector for a car- a PARALLAX-SHIFT exclusive tutorial/article by Mad Shifty



We review “Stereoscopic Drawing” by Arthur N. Girling in this months READDD segment.

3D CAMERA REVIEW- We Review The Octomat 👀👀👀👀

THE 3D CAMERA REVIEW – X view of Lomography’s OCTOMAT 35mm sequential shooter 👀 Review by PARALLAX-SHIFT’s Mad Shifty & Penumbra Foundation’s Sam Dole and GUEST reviewer Sapphire Goss of England

PARALLAX-SHIFT takes our 8 lens 35mm sequential shooter off the shelf and test drives it again in 2022. How’s it hold up after all these years? Find out soon 👀 right here on the Shift

Debating the Stereoscopy of Wiggle Gifs


I’ve been on both sides of the fence on this argument- weather or not wiggle gifs can be considered a stereoscopic format. I was convinced for years by the argument of leading opinion, JR, that they are not, but recent experiments I’ve performed this past month while viewing certain wiggle gifs through an active headset- produced for ME, a stereoscopic result. I interview Dr Andrew Woods & other leading opinions on the subject in this this thought provoking article/reader poll. Your opinion COUNTS.


Our newly re-vamped graphic T-Shift for the next PARALLAX-SHIFT seasonal delivery (because 2D is for nerds).


SERIES DEBÚT on April 7, 2022!

Our new web series on the history of stereoscopic video games. Live-streaming the first Thursday of every month (& maybe more on Twitch) PLUS I’m still populating my DEDICATED SITE on 3D Video Game History that’s been kindof secret this whole time. FOR NERDDS AND DDDORKS EVERYWHERE

Upcoming articles for our MAY issue



The 3D art book, by Tristan Eaton- Tristan Eaton is arguably the most famous artists on the planet & beyond, stereoscopic OR otherwise. His artworks have been immortalized in stainless steel and accompanied astronauts on the legendary Space X missions and his larger then life graffiti murals in 2D AND 3D anaglyph are commissioned by cities worldwide. This months ago installment will review his 2011 publication of modern illustrators and graffiti artists that were all converted into red/cyan anaglyph format. I’ll be publishing images from my own copy that I got HEAVILY signed by some of the most notorious and talented artists of our time (I promise, if you’re into graffiti OR anaglyph artwork, this is an impressive tome to own) at the book signing party in NYC loooong looong ago when it FIRST hit the shelves.

Why do A.I. even bother?

This should be an interesting one… the fact is, stereoscopic AI images are here to stay. I predict they may even become more numerous in the next coming months that they may even overtake human created stereoscopic images, in quantity at least. In this exclusive editorial/poll we will examine how AI stereoscopic imagery can be created, interview stereographers and AI creators to justify their opinions on the matter, and of course, want to hear from our readers as to YOUR opinion on this hot and controversial subject.

Shift it into 3rd Gear

Shift it into 3rd Gear

Dry lube is your camera’s best friend- Your hostess with the mostess, Mad Shifty and Sam Dole of The Penumbra Foundation will cover the basics of what dry lube is, why every film camera owner should have some, and when and how to use it.

The 3D Camera Review- 2010 LG THRILL. PART 1

THE LG THRILL STEREOSCOPIC CAMERA/SMARTPHONE- There is a reason I own about 12 of these. There is a reason one is in my pocket at all times, making it my top pick for a dual lens daily driver. There is a reason that I’ve given a few dozen away over the past 6 years. In fact there are SO many reasons why this may be one of my all time favorite stereo cameras, that I won’t be able to list them in a single review. Make sure to catch May’s installment of 3D Camera Revieweven recommend THIS CAMERAPHOBE OVER A FUJI W3,

Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥

Stereoscopic Drawing Hacks. May’s installment of $tore $tereo will include a variety of inexpensive projects you can build and totally free techniques you can use to hand draw stereoscopic images

Upcoming articles for our JUNE issue


3D CAMERA REVIEW- The Sputnik, Medium Format Film Camera. Sam Dole of NYC’s Penumbra Foundation & 3D maven Mad Shifty review the Sputnik, a Mid Century, medium format, simultaneous stereo shooter from Russia.

Shift it into 3rd Gear- Stereo Base Extender

Shift it into 3rd Gear

We will be creating an adjustable stereo base extender for smartphones like the Red Hydrogen One or other small stereo capture devices like a weeview camera or the new Kandao 3D camera, with about $10 worth of components, and they can be reused for another upcoming project as well 👀

Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥

LEGO MY EVERYTHING! And we mean EVERYTHING. Camera configurations, homemade lens filters, laser beams… also- contest for MVP Lego block use for a 3D stereoscopic application 👀

Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥ will livestream on Instagram live every second Tuesday of the month as well as our YouTube channel 👀 stay tuned!

Posted 3/18/22 for the upcoming month of April