Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥ #11.5- Fidget Spinner Lens Turret

This special standalone edition of $$$ was a pull out project that was included in $$$#11- Keeping it Realist. It was a great project that got lost in the shuffle of the multi project format I approached in episodes 8-11 and I wanted to be sure people knew about it because I personally find it to be one of the handiest projects I’ve created 🙂 I use mine quite often, it really makes lensing options for smartphones a breeze!

So, here is Dollar $tore $tereography #11.5- Fidget Spinner Lens Turret!


  • Fidget Spinner with hollow round cut outs
  • Smartphone Lenses (the clip on or magnetic type)
  • Thick rubber bands, 1/4″ thick should be sufficient
  • Scissors
  • Double stick or mounting tape to tape it to your smartphone

I tried a new approach to my formats in $$$#8, when I started creating episodes with multiple DDDIY projects in each episode, but realized after $$$#11 that individual projects may be getting lost within the overall episode and this was a pullout project that I specifically wanted to highlight. Going forward, starting in $$$#12 & again for the upcoming episode, #13, I will be only featuring one project at a time (or perhaps two or three, but definitely no more then 5 projects per episode from now on😂😂)