Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥ #1- 35mm Smartphone Film Digitizer

The very first episode of Dollar $tore $t£r€0gRā₽h¥ debuted begining of April 2021 and it’s still one of my favorite projects of all time 🙂


  • Cardboard box with lid, at least 5″ in height
  • Xacto knife or box cutter
  • Baby wipes pack with a WHITE snap shut lid
  • Tape
  • Pen, pencil or marker to trace a cutting outline in the boxtop
  • Battery powered light that fits underneath the box lid on a tabletop
  • *ALSO, a long time after the video aired someone suggested on Instagram to perhaps glue a strip of velvet or velour to the edge sections of the film strip channel as to minimize potential scratches against the plastic. This is a GREAT SUGGESTION which is not demonstrated in the video but an easy enough add on to do if you have a scrap of velvet or even a soft felt which can easily be purchased as most dollar stores.
  • *optional- Black paint marker or black gaffer or duct tape to block out superfluous light from the edges of the illuminated panel