Blast from the (sort of recent) past 👀 The Looking Glass Volume display at SD&A XXVIII.

I’ve been gathering up Stereoscopic video content for my upcoming web series debut, 3D VIDEO GAME HISTORY and came across this stereo SBS video shot at my first Stereoscopic Displays & Applications conference XXVIII back in 2017.

SBS Stereoscopic video of Shawn Frayne presenting the “Volume” display to the world’s top authorities on Stereoscopic displays

This is the Looking Glass ‘Volume’ display and Shawn Frayne (with his ORIGINAL trademark hat) demo’s it to a noticeably excited crowd of fellow presenters and conference chairs following his stage presentation titled “A Low-Cost Static Volumetric Display based on Layered High Incidence Angle Scattering”

Slideshow video of Shawn Frayne’s SD&A XXVIII above mentioned stage presentation.

More info on Looking Glass displays can be found on their website and info on the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference can be found here.

Volume is on the top of my secret wish-list items and is one of my favorite obscure displays. Of course I wasn’t the one dragging around a 300lb pelican case all over the world, perhaps I’d have slightly different sentiments toward it if I was 😂.

If anyone from Looking Glass is reading this, you know what to get me for National 3-D Day ;p