the Stereo Camera Show- Sneak Peak at the homemade Ricoh AF-40 Twin-Rig πŸ‘€

The official PARALLAX-SHIFT YouTube channel, which can be found here, has surpassed the 50 followers accruement necessary to livestream!

I first want to THANK ALL MY FOLLOWERS for getting on board and enabling us to livestream on that platform. Thank you all, very very much :**

The episodes will be shot in studio and professionally lit by Sam himself- he’s one of the best in the business- so you can look forward to a show with high production values πŸ™‚

In the meantime, I live-streamed a short run through on an antique twin rig I recently purchased on Instagram, which is archived on my IGTV. In videos below I break down a twin-rig housing a pair of Ricoh AF-40s to load it up with film, demonstrate the rigs design and basic camera operation.

I had quite a few DM’s about this rig in particular on my IG account and this is just a quick run through I did for the benefit of my IG fans as I prepared to take it out for a spin for the first time.

Sam & I are both looking forward to a more professional live-stream for the upcoming episodes of the Stereo Camera Show, we hope you will join us for the premiere! I’m certain the debut will air sometime this month, stay tuned & thanks for watching!