The International Stereoscopic Union Congress for 2023 will be held in Tsukuba, Japan, September 12-18 πŸ‘€β€οΈπŸ’™

The ISU holds a Congress every two years, where 3-D loving individuals and Stereoscopic clubs from around the world gather for a week and present Stereoscopic work of all formats, hold workshops, havr trade shows & schedule all sorts of Stereoscopic activities and group discussions. It is usually hosted by the club geographically closest so of course the Tokyo Stereo Club will be the hosts with the mosts this year.

There’s not a lot of information to report on as of yet. Takashi announced it at this past weekend at the Tokyo Club meeting online.

Here are anaglyph photos of the hotel lobby (I forgot the name, will re-update this post soon) the theatre where submissions of Stereoscopic photos and 3-D movies will be projected onto a 300” screen (most likely in polarized and anaglyph formats) and a meeting room where workshops will be held. There is also a tea room where tea ceremonies will take place and I’m sure a bunch of excursions are being planned to neighboring places of interest for stereo photo ops and to learn about the immediate area and Japanese culture in general.

These conferences are entirely dependent on the participation of attendees, so please start planning to submit personal work, stereo stills and 3-D movies of all kinds, any applicable research you would like to submit, or ideas for workshops to host- remember, this is a member driven conference so ANYTHING you are up to on 3-D can and should be submitted. It is especially great because it is a rare chance to bring along any physical 3-D formats you create, such as stereo realist slides, lenticular prints, anaglyphs, etc or notable collectibles or Stereo-Photographic gear! I hope everyone reading this post will consider submitting digital work, ideas for workshops and presentations and physical formats or items mentioned above, or anything else you personally think will be of interest πŸ™‚